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Southern Europe, a peninsula extending into the central Mediterranean Sea, northeast of Tunisia

VisitingItalians enjoy visiting friends, mily and neighbors, especially on holidays and on Sundays. Guests invited to dinner often take a…More

Food and RecipesWhen eating with guests, Italians do not usually hurry; a meal may last one to four hours. Compliments on the…More

FashionItaly is a major center of the European shion industry and Italians believe it is important to dress well at…More

Italian official, German parts of TrentinoAlto Adige region are predominantly German speaking, French small Frenchspeaking minority in Valle dAosta region, Slovene Slovenespeaking minority in the TriesteGorizia area

FamilyStrong, traditional ties bind the Italian mily together. Family association is of great importance. A ster pace of life is…More

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