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This was as good as it got for the guys, not only did you have to polish them every week but there were things called shoe trees that lived inside of them when they werent on your feet.

Nothing characterizes the Fifties quite as well as the saddle shoe. We all had them. We all wore them. And Id be lying if I said I missed them. These things are heavy and rather stiff. And you couldnt just throw them in the washer when they got dirty! Give me my modern athletic shoe anyday.

The ballet slipper was a popular choice and was often worn with little white socks. Really.

These shoes are the a woman might wear shopping or to lunch. Much more reasonable

Flats were appropriate for slacks and was what we wore to school.

The spike or stiletto heel was a shion fixture. Designed to draw attention to the leg and calf, it was a chiropractors dream device.Ferragamo is credited with creating the steel support in a synthetic heel which allowed for a very small heel tip. Gee, thanks.This phenomena impacted in more ways than one. Hoteliers and other managers of public cilities had to find ways to protect their floors from all those indentations!

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