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Apples Wallet makes room for college student IDs

You can also go for a smart doorbell, like Skybell. Using the Skybell skill, you can record video when someone approaches the door, take a snapshot or set the away mode.

The last step is, you need to check your bank account. Using a pin code for security reasons, you can check your balances anytime via Amazon Echo. Maybe that date isnt such a good idea after all.

If you want to learn about something more specific, you can enable skills that deliver trivia about everything from Christmas to puppies to Zimbabwe.

For even more integrations, check out the IFTTTlike app Yonomi. Alexa can now control even more apps and gadgets without an official Skill in place for it.

Not tracking sleep? Its official Youre missing out

Want a drink with that pizza? Use one of Alexas mixology skills to pour yourself the perfect Manhattan.

Part of what makes Alexa such a compelling platform is its open approach to content creation. This means a ton of developers have made great Skills you can take advantage of.

It isnt just for music playback Amazon Echo can read audiobooks from Audible, too, many of them read by the author.

The Therapy Skill is a fun way to unwind after Alexa has reminded you of your financial state. Tell Alexa youre feeling sad, and shell give you insightful nuggets like, Dont be sad. Turn that frown upside down!

Amazon Echo features native connected home support forInsteon smart home gear. That includes connected lights, outlets and smart switches you can turn all of it on and off by telling Alexa to do it.

Say you want to see a movie. You can ask Alexa for showtimes at theaters nearby. You can even get her to describe some of the movies showing if you dont recognize the titles.

Just because youre staying in for the night doesnt mean you cant watch a movie. Alexa can tell you whats showing on TV with various Skills. You can even see what Redbox has to offer.

More of a radio n? No problem just tell Alexa to play your vorite station, and shell use the service TuneIn to, well, tune in. That includes local channels as well as nationally syndicated programming from sources like ESPN and NPR. Ask her for the news of the day, and shell play a flash briefing of the days important headlines you can customize the specific categories and sources youd like her to focus on including ! She can also use iHeartRadio to stream your vorite podcast.

The Echos most obvious function is streaming music. Ask Alexa, the Echosvoice assistant, to play some jazz, or tell her you want to hear Bohemian Rhapsody, and shell get right to it, streaming music from the Amazon Prime library of tracks.

You can also ask Alexa to read you any books you own on Kindle. She will recite the words using the same technology she uses when reading a Wikipedia article.

Not tracking sleep? Its official Youre missing out

Heres one I use in my own home almost every day Alexapowered kitchen timers. Just tell her to set one for however long you need, and Alexa will start the silent countdown. You can have multiple timers running simultaneously, and its always a handy, handsfree way to manage the clock while youre cooking.

Once youre ready to sleep, just put on your vorite music, podcast or book, and tell Alexa to go to sleep after reading for minutes.

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Want a little more air circulation? Alexa can also control your Haiku ns. You can say, Turn on the living room n, or, Turn the speed of the living room n to percent.

Alexa also has her own channel on the free online automation service IFTTT. Activate it, and youll be able to link up Echo with any of the hundreds ofproducts and services that work with IFTTT. Youll even be able to craft your own custom voice commands.

If youre a Spotify Premium subscriber, youll be able to use the service on an Echo, and ask Alexa to play your vorite tracks and playlists.

The most interesting Alexa updates and that dont matter

What its like to surf Kelly Slaters wave pool

If youre discouraged by your bank account, you can always take hope by checking in on your stocks with the Stock Exchange Skill.

Like the Philips Hue, theLifx is a changing smart LEDthat works with the Echo system. Activate the Lifx Skill in the Alexa app, and youll be able to tell Alexa to turn your bulbs on or off, dim them up and down or change them to a specific .

If you want something that requires a little less thought, Alexa can broadcast old radio suspense stories. Just turn down the lights to get into the mood.

Or if youre feeling a littletooconfident, you can use a skill to deliver sick burns to moderate your self esteem. But you still need to figure out what to do for the evening…

Want an extra measure of security? Alexa can lock your August Smart Lock for you. Right now, she still cant unlock it for security reasons. But if youre just locking up your home for the night, its nice to be able to say, Alexa, ask August to lock all my doors.

If youre going on a date, you can prep by getting a few pickup lines from Alexa.

Along with Prime Music and Spotify, the Amazon Echo can stream Pandora, or whatever youve got playing on your phone, let or laptop via Bluetooth.

If youd rather order in than cook for yourself, Alexa can help with that, too. Thanks to an integration with Dominos, fresh pepperoni pizza is never more than a voice command away.

If you just want to pretend to exercise, you can use the Digital Pet skill to take your dog on a walk or play fetch. Fair warning Your digital dog Dazzle often feels chastised when you say the wrong thing.

The Wink platform works with Echo, too thats three major smarthome platforms that all claim compatibility with the Echo.

Have too many drinks to drive? Ask Alexa to call an Uber to come and pick you up. If its a busy time of day and surge pricing is in effect, Alexa will let you know before you confirm.

It seems like everyone wants to get in on what Echo is doing. Even the otherwise HomeKitexclusive iDevices gadgets like the Switch, Socket and Thermostat have an iDevices Skill for Alexa.

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If you need more than just a timer to make you a good cook, try out one of Alexas many cooking Skills. They will walk you through recipes and you can always ask Alexa for measurement conversions if you need some help.

Sync up an Amazon Echo with the Scout Security System and youll be able to use Alexa to arm and monitor your home security setup.

You can also schedule a Lyft. Just enable the Lyft skill and say, Alexa, ask Lyft for a ride.

If youre looking to get a little more creative with your smart home gadgetry, try out something like Garageio. Echo can connect with this device to tell you if youve left your garage door open. You can even say, Alexa, tell Garageio to close my garage door, and she will.

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Then theres the smarthome phone system Ooma. With a new Amazon Echo integration, youll be able to make calls straight from the speaker. Heresa handy Ooma howto postin case you want to try it out.

As of publishing this, Alexa has well over , Skills too many to list here. They range from surprisingly helpful to undeniably absurd, and the list is growing all the time. For more, check out ourfull review of the Amazon Echo.

Apples Wallet makes room for college student IDs

If you decide to do something a little more active, Alexa can help, too. The SevenMinute Workout Skill will guide you through a quick exercise routine to burn those calories from the pizza.

So you find out theres a movie showing in minutes, and youre ready to call your date, but you cant remember if you filled up the gas in the car or not. One of Alexas many Skills syncs it up with the Automatic cartracking gadget, which plugs into your vehicles diagnostic port to keep track of gas mileage, engine trouble and your cars location. Just ask Alexa, and shell let you know how much gas is in the tank.

SmartThings is another connected home platform that works with the Echo. Make the connection, and Alexa will be able to manage a verile plethora of SmartThingscompatible gadgets.

If you want a little exercise for your brain, you can find games including Spelling Bee, Movie Trivia and Questions on the Skills store.

If you want to go a classier route, you can order flowers using a FLOWERS account.

If you have a higherend Control setup, Amazon Echo can integrate with that, too. At the Smart Home, that partnership lets us turn on the fireplace with a voice command.

Got a question for Alexa? In many cases, though not all of them, shell have an answer. If youd rather be the one answering, you can turn on Alexas Jeopardy Skill by saying, Enable Jeopardy. Shell gladly rattle off trivia questions for you just make sure you answer in the form of a question.

You can also connect Alexa to your Fitbit for updates on your exercise progress. Just ask how many steps youve taken today, or how you slept last night.

If youd rather play a gamewithAlexa, you also have a few options. Some chooseyourownadventure games are available anytime like The Wayne Investigation.

It wasnt long after the Amazon Echos debut that Alexa started showing off her smart home chops. The first trick Amazon unveiled was compatibility withBelkin WeMo smart switchesandPhilips Hue connected LED lights. You can sync all of them up with your Echo, then tell Alexa to turn things on and off.

Theres a whole host of other smart home gadgets thatll work with the Echo including several that showed off their integrationsat CES this year.

What Californias law to get women in the boardroom means for Silicon Valley

If youre in the mood for a game instead, Alexa can be a helpful assistant. She will remind you of recipes for Minecraft, or tell you what armor is for sale in Destiny.

Once youre in your house, you want the atmosphere to be perfect. The first step is climate control. Alexa can adjust the temperature on Ecobee thermostats, the Honeywell Lyric and Nest. Just say, Alexa, set the temperature to .Fashion InfomationHeres everything the Amazon Echo can do

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